Meet Coach LB

Certified Life and Business Coach

with over 50 years of progressive experience in the government, education, & business fields.

"My strong work ethic and faith would manifest into a successful career."


The World is revolving. Our communities feel unsettled as our norms are changing forcing us to seek stability in our new normal.


Born and raised in Virginia, my education began in the Richmond Public Schools system where I first attended George Mason Elementary. My family was one of the very first to move into the Whitcomb Court housing project development.

We later migrated to Charles City County in the last decades of legally mandated racial segregation in Virginia.

Now retired after over 40 years of corporate, government, non-profit, education and entrepreneurial experience, I am answering the call to share my passion and expertise

with those who are ready to soar in their chosen endeavors.


A return to home after a 2000 trip to South Africa was when LB Beauty Academy was born. I was inspired by the energy from being  in the honorable Nelson Mandela’s presence.


Thus, I became an entrepreneur ending a chapter on a job that had run its course. For 18 years I gave my passions, love, labor and light to LB Beauty Academy's family and friends.


As a teenage mother, I never thought that someday I would become an entrepreneur. But I was sure that my strong work ethic and faith would manifest into a successful career.

I am an active member of the community, volunteering with various organizations that support our youth including One Richmond One Book. I've read to almost 500 students and greatly enjoy giving back to the youth who I consider our future.


I am now the proud owner of LaFarn & Company - a boutique consulting agency whose mission is to inspire a new generation of men, women, new and seasoned entrepreneurs to achieve success in every area of their lives.


I've had the honor of being featured in many publications including Richmond Magazine, Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond Free Press, Key Awareness, as well as appearing on CBS 6 New’s Virginia in the Morning.


As we all step into a strange new post COVID world now is the time to prepare ourselves with what we do know to be ready for what we don’t know that lies ahead.